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Creative Braiding

French Braid

Tired of wearing one and the same hairstyle? You don’t want to cut or color your hair? If so, you have a unique chance to experience some new ideas which will help you to create an elegant and glamorous look with a minimal effort. We are offering numerous stylish braiding designs and you just have to stay up to date with the latest hairstyles trends.  You can look through pages of magazines or search the web for the inspiration and, of course, you can check out this selection of our braiding services.

Classic and beautiful! Sophisticated hair style! Keep your hair out of your face while looking stylish! The braided hairstyles often possess an ethereal, romantic quality that sets them apart from other 'dos.  Most of these styles require hair length to be at least two to three inches below the shoulders.
French braid has several practical advantages: it can restrain hair from the top of the head that is too short to reach the nape of the neck, and it spreads the weight and tension of the braid across a larger portion of the scalp. Its sleeker appearance is also sometimes viewed as more elegant and sophisticated


Fishtail braids - This loose 2 strand weaving, also known as the fish bone or herringbone is a soft alternative to a traditional braid. This would be a great look for any special occasion whether it is worn dressy or casual.


Dutch braid is much like the French braid, except that you braid the strands under the braid, putting the braid on top of the hair, rather than under (as with french) which puts the braid under the hair.

Mermaid braids

Milkmaid braid is characterized by a braid that runs along the front of the head, directly above the forehead.

Greek braid is a seemingly complex look in which one or more braids are wrapped around the head like a headband. As with other braided hairdos, medium or long hair is required. However, hair texture and curliness is irrelevant.

Draped French Braid Ponytail